Disentangling Police from Immigration Enforcement: Towards World Community with Liberty and Justice for All

Trust between immigrant communities and police is being undermined by attempts to entangle local police in federal immigration enforcement, raising fear of seeking police assistance for fear of deportation. The Illinois TRUST Act (HB 3099/SB 31) seeks to protect and build trust between local police and immigrant communities by limiting local police involvement in federal immigration enforcement. The TRUST Act’s main provisions will: Bar local law enforcement from being deputized as immigration agents or engaging in immigration enforcement without a court-issued warrant; Limit arrests based solely on immigration-related information included in federal databases; Bar the use of private prisons to house immigration detainees; Bar local participation in federal registry programs based on country of origin or religion; Include the Immigration Safe Zones Act (HB 426), which bars federal immigration agents from entering state-funded schools or health institutions unless presenting a court-issued warrant. THIS BILL HAS MOMENTUM NOW! "Read more" to urge your elected leaders to create a bright line between local police and federal immigration enforcement.

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Expanding Eligibility for Sealing Records: A Matter of Worth and Dignity

Currently, over 4 million Illinois citizens who have served their time are excluded from applying for jobs, housing, education and other opportunities because they have a criminal record. Providing an opportunity for the to have their records sealed affords them the opportunity to turn their lives around and become productive members of society. HB 2373 will expand the eligibility of felony records that can be sealed, allowing more people to petition the court to have their records sealed from public view. THIS BILL HAS MOMENTUM RIGHT NOW! Click "read more" to urge your state senator to support HB 2373 to expand record sealing eligibility.

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CUUSAN gathers at General Assembly

The third annual Conference of the Coalition of UU State Action Networks is coming to General Assembly in New Orleans on Wednesday, June 21! Staff, board members, and supporters of UU State Action Networks from around the country will gather on the first day of General Assembly to share stories and learn together. Learn more about how UUs around the country are organizing for justice. Monique Harden, founder and co-director of Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, will share her experience in movement organization. We hope that you can join us! The workshop is free, and you can sign up here at "read more."

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The mission of UUANI is to empower UU social action through faith-rooted congregational organizing. Our vision is to transform our yearning for social justice, beloved community, and a healthy planet into an effective state-wide movement.

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