SB42 gains momentum toward racial justice

Discouraging news that the bill supporting the end to lifetime bars to employment in the education sector for people with criminal records got to the Governor's desk, and he returned it with an amendatory veto that virtually gutted the bill. <span> So here we go again, this time with jobs in the health care sector. With SB42, we are enthusiastic to lift up the possibility for eliminating the chains that bar people with criminal records from ever holding jobs in the health care service industry. SB42 will allow people leaving incarceration who are licensed in health-care related fields to reinstate their licenses or earn new licenses after a probational period of 5 years. </span>

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Illinois Fair Tax rises again! A new proposal for amending the constitution has real legs!

After having the Fair Tax amendment die in the Illinois Senate at the end of 2015, it has been introduced again as SJRCA1 and HJRCA8. <br> <br> The Fair Tax legislation will mandate a referendum on the fall ballot to amend the Illinois constitution to allow for a graduated income tax for Illinois instead of the flat tax currently in effect. <br> <br> A fair and comparably low graduated income tax would generate enough revenue to balance the budget and reinstate the social service programs now being denied funds. These programs form a safety net under our most vulnerable families; without them now, many people are failing to maintain even the basic necessities of life. Funding these programs again is our most basic road to increased economic justice.

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Clean Jobs bill is still alive!

The Illinois Clean Jobs Bill has emerged as the only bill that can protect the consumers and the environment while creating an estimated 32,000 jobs annually.

“The Illinois Clean Jobs bill has the most grassroots and legislative support of any energy-related bill pending in the General Assembly this year,” said state Sen. Don Harmon. “And the news for consumers and clean energy keeps getting better: the state’s leading watchdog for utility customers — Citizen’s Utility Board — found that the Illinois Clean Jobs bill will save people a total $1.6 billion by 2030.”

The Illinois Clean Jobs Bill will strengthen policies to ramp up renewable energy like wind and solar to 35 percent by 2030 and cut energy use through efficiency by 20 percent by 2025.

Ask your legislators to support SB1485 and HB2607. And if they do, say "Thank you!"

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Minimum wage is poverty wage -- let's lift these families up by raising the minimum wage

Victoria Bruton talks about what it takes to piece together a life on tipped minimum wage which has been frozen at $2.13/hour for more than 20 years.