A National Day of Action for Worth and Dignity

On November 29, UUANI across the state will join Rev William Barber's Moral Movement in action to fight for $15 minimum wage and union rights for workers. Day of Action will also embrace the #noDAPL campaign and immigrant and refugee rights. Thousands will take to the streets at action sites across the state.

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UUANI allies with UU Prison Ministry of Illinois

Affirming the worth and dignity of every person, UUANI has partnered with the UU Prison Ministry of Illinois. Representing people of color in communities around the state, UU Prison Ministry is advocating to end unlimited solitary confinement and lifetime bars to employment in public sectors for people with records. Together, we are also committed to supporting legislation that protects juveniles in the criminal justice system. Rep Robyn Gabel has introduced legislation in this fall veto session that would protect juveniles coming into the criminal justice system by giving them the right to be heard by a judge within 24 hours of coming into police custody. Ask your legislators to support HB5619.

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We won! Illinois passed the Clean Power/Clean Jobs Bill!

Hooray! The Future Energy Jobs Bill passed the IL House and Senate at the last minute of the fall veto session! Thanks to all who rallied their legislators to get with it! Much of it supports our UUANI agenda to strengthen our interdependent web by increasing renewable energy sources and by reinforcing the worth and dignity of our most vulnerable citizens needing jobs: (1) It fixes the broken Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), doubling the amount of private capital investments in wind and solar in Illinois. (2) It significantly increases the state’s highly successful energy efficiency programs throughout the entire state. (3) At least $750,000,000 will be invested in low-to-moderate income energy efficiency and solar programs and job training. (4) A community solar program is now available for the first time in Illinois. (5) At least 2,000 clean energy jobs will be made available for either returning citizens (persons with criminal records) or foster care alumni, thereby connecting the dots between the green economy and criminal justice reform. We say, Well done!

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Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, President of the North Carolina NAACP, at the DNC

Reverend Dr. William J. Barber II, author of the Moral Monday movement, electrifies the DNC 2016 with his message affirming justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.

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