A Responsible Budget: A Matter of Equity and Compassion

Illinois’ budget crisis continues, affecting those most vulnerable among us most severely. Over 1 million people have lost services because of the state budget stalemate. These cuts exacerbate basic inequities in our society, placing the burden of our state’s political dysfunction on the backs of those who are already struggling. Illinois’ stopgap spending plan expired on December 31st. There will be no payments for services provided until our elected officials pass a budget. Movement toward a resolution has begun, but our lawmakers need to hear from their constituents to make the difficult choices required to resolve this crisis. TAKE ACTION HERE!

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Health Care for All: A Matter of Justice, Equity & Compassion

All religious traditions lift up the importance of healing and wholeness. Access to health care is a matter of justice and equity – the best health care in the world is of no use to those who can’t afford it. When it comes to health care, we truly are all in this together. The Affordable Care Act has extended health care coverage to tens of millions of Americans, including millions of children and low-income families. Repealing the ACA without a replacement would leave millions without coverage and lead to soaring costs, according to a report just released by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. These decisions will be made in the next month. Congress is especially paying attention to phone calls right now – could you call or email today to urge your congressional representatives to expand rather than repeal access to health care? TAKE ACTION HERE!

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Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees - A Matter of Compassion, Worth, and the Democratic Process

The recent executive order – suspending and reducing refugee settlement and effectively banning Muslims but not Christians from seven countries from entering the US – runs counter to our UU values of respect for the equal worth of each person, as well as compassion for those fleeing the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. It is also a violation of the democratic process, specifically Constitutional and legal prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of religion or national origin. TAKE ACTION HERE!

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Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, President of the North Carolina NAACP, at the DNC

Reverend Dr. William J. Barber II, author of the Moral Monday movement, electrifies the DNC 2016 with his message affirming justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.