Marriage equality

In fall, 2013, UUANI joined with Equality Illinois to campaign to affirm Marriage Equality in Illinois.  Broad support from UU congregations (300 people from 23 participated in the March on Springfield in October 2013) helped pass the Marriage Equality bill in November 2013.

Economic justice

Illinois Fair Tax is a proposed amendment to the Illinois state constitution that would change the state income tax system from a flat tax to a graduated income tax.  Proponents argue that the proposal would make the Illinois tax code fairer, provide tax relief to the most Illinoisans, and generate funds to support programs serving struggling families.   The bill (SJRCA 40) failed to pass through both wings of the legislature (April 30), as a result there will be no referendum on the ballot in November 2014.  The issue enjoys widespread support and efforts will continue to pass the bill this fall.

Allied with the Fair Tax campaign is a campaign to continue the temporary tax increase developed in 2011 and scheduled to be rescinded December 31, 2014.   Under current law, state income tax rate in Illinois in 2015 will be a flat rate of 3.75% with the scheduled phase-out of a 2011 temporary tax increase.  The Illinois legislature has failed to vote to continue the temporary tax increase, but the campaign continues into the fall legislative agenda.

Raise the Minimum Wage in Illinois.  UUANI is working with Raise Illinois and its affiliates to get out the vote to pass in the recently-won referendum to raise minimum wage in Illinois to $10 an hour, scheduled to be on the ballot November 4, 2014.  UUANI lent its voice to the campaign to shepherd the referendum through the Illinois legislative process and now works to raise commitment among UUs  to affirming the referendum in November, to raise awareness in their communities, and to register voters sympathetic to the referendum.  .